Fillderma Revitalise (3x1ml)




Fillderma Revitalise is used for filling deep wrinkles, increasing the volume, and restructuring the face and dehydrated skin. The new FILLDERMA fillers consist of the highest purity hyaluronic acid, which undergoes an innovative cross-linking process –3D Growth Hyaluronic Acid (3D-GHA). This long-term process is carried out at low temperatures, during which 3 types of hyaluronic acid chains with different molecular weights are connected – very high, high, and low. In this way, three-dimensional molecules are formed, allowing the use of a minimum amount of BDDE – the substance used during cross-linking.

Fillderma Revitalise is a Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid filler of five molecular weights, with novel crosslinking technology: cross-linking 3D process. The use of hyaluronic acid molecules of different weights in FILLDERMA fillers ensures better integration of the preparation with the tissues. HA-based gels with maximum purity are highly cohesive and more resistant to degradation.

Indicated for the treatment of dehydrated skin: face, neck, and hands.
FILLDERMA revitalise filler doest not only fills but rejuvenates senescent fibroblasts, producing a release of growth factors and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis from the inside. In addition, FILLDERMA revitalise offer multi-level hydration thanks to the combination of AH of 3 molecular weights.


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