Luminera Hydryalix Lips (2×1.25ml)




A Premium Product. HYDRYALIX LIPS LIDO LUMINERA provides the benefits of both monophasic and biphasic fillers. HYDRYALIX is a CE mark, sterile, transparent cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid (HA) injectable filler. HYDRYALIX LIPS LIDO is a homogenic gel, biodegradable and long lasting. The gel is monophasic thus, smooth, homogenous and easy to extrude. Produced in a manufacturing facility operating under strict ISO9001 & ISO13485 conditions. The longevity of the HA molecules injected is increased by the cross linking process using BDDE that creates a new 3D network.


Indicated for Lip contour and volume. Hydralix lips lidocaine is indicated for remodelling and contouring lips.


  • The HA concentration is 20 mg/mL.
  • Hydryalix contains HA from non-animal origin and is cross linked using BDDE.
  • Residual BDDE in the final product is less than 2ppm.
  • With added Lidocaine for increased comfort during treatment.
  • Gel particle size: 300-500 μm.


Injection depth: labial mucosa.


  • Package content: 2 pre-filled syringes of 1.25ml.
  • Recommended needles are 27G or 30G thin-wall.


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