Nucleofill Medium (1×1.5ml)




With Nucleofill Medium, users choose a skin regeneration product with active polynucleotides. It supports the skin on all parts of the body in the course of mesotherapy sessions to regenerate into the deep layers of the skin and to obtain a significantly rejuvenated appearance. Nucleofill Medium is ideal for particularly dry or oxidatively damaged skin, but this product can also be used to combat stretch marks or scars. Active polynucleotides provide the rejuvenating deep regeneration effect. They stimulate cell renewal and thus ensure a firmer, tighter skin structure. In addition, Nucleofill Medium has a strong antioxidant effect. Free radicals are trapped so that no additional skin damage can occur. This polynucleodite preparation is used in gel form and is applied to the affected skin areas as part of mesotherapy treatments.


The Nucleofill Product Range

Nucleofill’s product line focuses on skin care and regeneration, skin cell purification, and face and body firming. Nucleofill’s new-fangled products are made from natural and concentrated active ingredients, with special attention paid to biological and polynucleotide-based formulas. The Nucleofill range is particularly effective for customers who complain of problems with sagging or dry skin, signs of ageing and stress, stretch marks or scars. With high quality and professionalism, the range provides every client with young, beautiful and flawless skin. Whether it’s Nucleofill Soft PlusNucleofill Medium or Nucleofill Strong, the products are customisable to meet each client’s individual lifting and anti-ageing needs. We are delighted to be able to call ourselves a partner of the Nucleofill products and are happy to recommend them to our customers.

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Treatment areas:

Ideally suited for the treatment of the following areas:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Décolleté
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

1 syringe / injection of 1.5ml.

The concentration of the polynucleotide gel is 20mg/ml.



Application rhythm:

Depending on the skin condition, one to several sessions are necessary, followed by a rest period of up to four weeks in which the effect unfolds. This can be followed by further treatments with Nucleofill Medium.

It may only be dispensed with an original doctor’s prescription. This regulation does not apply to anyone involved in the healing trade or the health service.
The manufacturer and we, as the seller, point out that an injection of products with and without lidocaine should only be carried out by trained and medically qualified staff.

Area filter: Cheek, Chin, Décolleté, Forehead, Hands, Neck, Nose


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