Teosyal Ultimate Puresense With Lidocaine (2x1ml)




TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, transparent, non-animal cross-linked hyaluronic acid viscoelastic gel.
TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE is used in the treatment of hollow cheeks associated with a tired and depressed appearance.
Immediate balance between spreadability and cohesiveness. High sustainability with a natural result.


  • Packaging: 2 X 1ml.
  • Pre-filled syringe.
  • Needle : 27G 13 mm.
  • The box contains sterile 27G1/2” needles and traceability labels (one to be given to the patient, and a label to be kept by the doctor in the patient record).
  • The volume of each syringe is indicated on the carton packaging. as well as on each syringe.


VOLUMISING. THE VOLUME FOR EXCELLENCE. Volume recovery for wide areas: face oval, cheeks, temples.
TEOSYAL PURESENSE ULTIMATE is a harmonious volumizer unique, suitable for volume recovery of large areas (cheeks, jaw, cheekbones, chin temples …) to carve the contours of the face.
TEOSYAL ULTIMATE allows patients to recover a loss of volume because the product is intended to fill large areas.
Very cohesive, TEOSYAL ULTIMATE has proven its lasting effectiveness for 18 months and successfully meet the expectations of patients.
In addition, its unique viscoelasticity makes it an ideal remodeling gel for a natural facial rejuvenation.


Cross-linked 6/6 Hyaluronic acid 22 mg+ lidocaine 0,3%.

  • Cross-linked HYALURONIC ACID concentration 22 mg.
  • Lidocaine 0,3%.
  • Tampon phosphate pH 7,3 qsp 1 ml.


Areas of injection: Sub-dermal or pre-periosteal.


  • Restoration of large volumes areas.
  • Cheeks, jaw, cheekbones, chin, temples.


Shelf life: 18 months on average.


The therapeutic actions of TEOSYAL® products are as follows:
Modification of the structure of mature skin: restoration of volumes, filling wrinkles and folds of the skin, restoration of cutaneous hydration
Reconstructive surgery: filling marks due to scars, reconstruction of volumes lost due to lipoatrophy.


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