TSK ​Low Dead Space Hub Needle 33G x 13mm (1/2”) *LDS-33013*- 1 BOX OF 100



No leakage or wastage; Suitable for Botox Needle / Mesotherapy / Sclerotherapy

A 33G needle featuring a Low Dead Space (LDS) hub, to help combat product wastage. With no space behind the needle, there is no room for any excess product or gel to sit, resulting in 0.08ml of savings. A significant saving is achieved from the patented hub design, considering the cost of products such as Botox.

This needle can only be used with a Soft-Ject Luer Lock syringe.

In addition to serving this purpose, the low dead space, made from a resilient hard polymer material, also ensures no risk of the needle popping off. The join between the needle and syringe is much tighter, so the needle is unable to detach even when there is a high pressure coming from the syringe.

The medical professional’s integrity is maintained owing to the low dead space design, ensuring the needle will withstand enough pressure without detaching itself.

Patient experience is enhanced as a result of this. Moreover, there are no hindrances to timescales during the treatment phase.

The 33G needle is 22% thinner than the standard 30G needle, making treatment as comfortable and painless as possible for the patient.


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