TSK The Invisible Needle x 9mm (3/8”) LDS-02009- 1 BOX OF 100



Painless treatment with no leakage; Suitable for Botox Needle / Mesotherapy / Sclerotherapy

Remarkably the thinnest available needle on the market, the Invisible Needle is 33% more thinner than a 30G needle most commonly used in insulin syringes. It is also 14% more finer than TSK’s 33G needle.

The latest advancements in technology have enabled an extremely narrow diameter, hence its name ‘invisible’ and is ideal for Botox injections, creating a positive and painless treatment for patients. Allowing more patients to take advantage of treatments available to them without the fear of trauma caused by needles.

Additional benefits mean the needle will not disembark from the syringe and also no loss of product or gel from the needle.

This needle can only be used with Soft-Ject and 3Dose luer lock syringes.

Thanks to the 14% more thinner needle, patients can receive a positive and higher quality experience without any pain.


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