Reina 21g x 90mm Cog L (8 pcs per foil pack )




21g x 90/160mm 2-0

Reina consists of needle and Polydioxanone(PDO) or Poly-L-Lactic Acid(PLLA) thread is bioabsorbable suture made with synthetic molecule called Polydioxanone.
Polydioxanone suture provides wound support for longer period as compared to other synthetic absorbable sutures.
Polydioxanone suture also offers far superior tensile strength. Polydioxanone suture is made from polymerizing para dioxanone monomer.
Absorption of suture is by simple hydrolysis within 180 days from implantation day.
Absorption of polydioxanone suture is reliable and predictable.

arms / abdomen / inner thighs / lower face area / crow’s feets /
infraorbital wrinkles / cheeks / jaw line / neck / forehead / glabellar area

minimally invasive and pain free
fast, simple, perfectly safe
no scarring
reliable and long lasting results
can be performed at any time of the year
short recovery time
immediate return to everyday activities


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