SoftFil Softfil Precision 22g x 50mm (20 kits) CP2250/XL



SoftFil micro-cannulas are sterile and single use medical devices, class IIa, to be used by certified medical practionners only – CE0120
Kit containing a SoftFil micro-cannula 22G 50 mm, caliber XL, and its pre-hole sharpe needle 22G.

  • Size : 22G
  • Length : 50 mm 1 1/2 inch
  • Internal caliber : extra large (extra thin wall).
  • Technique : volumizing, deep nappage.
  • Areas : tears trough, jowl, cheek.
  • Insertion points : zygomatic, naso-labial
  • Injection depth : deep to medium (periostium, deep and hypodermis).


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